What we do

The Office connects the scientific research of the University of Sassari and the territory, in particular the business community, for the fostering and the management of TT processes. It carries out the following activities:

TECH SCOUTING: the analysis and monitoring of the technological innovation products developed by researchers and at the premises of the University of Sassari.

ENHANCEMENT OF RESEARCH PRODUCTS: spreading of entrepreneurship and protection of intellectual property; Support to patenting and enterprise start-up.

BUSINESS INCUBATION: enhancement of the research products generated at the University through the creation, the logistics support and expert advice to research groups and aspiring entrepreneurs. RESEARCH REGISTRY: management and support to the data storage and querying system for research products, services and expertise at the University.

COMMUNICATION AND HELP DESK: editing of the Arianna newsletter, back office and front office support on innovation, applied research, intellectual property and technology transfer.

NETWORKING: participation in regional networks, national and international regulations for the exploitation of research and technological development, the protection of intellectual property and the dissemination of results.

ELATIONS WITH ENTERPRISES AND THE LOCAL FABRIC: development of partnerships with public and private organizations and operators, mapping and analysis of local demand for the technological innovation of enterprises.

RAINING AND GUIDANCE: organization and provision of courses, workshops and seminars on topics of interest.

BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION: organization and participation in enterprise awards and competitions of ideas for innovative start-ups.