Spin Off

The university spin-offs are entrepreneurial initiatives, highly technological and innovative in nature, that arise upon request and with the involvement of one or more researchers, with the aim of enhancing the economic results of a specific research, know-how, patent and scientific and technological competencies gained within the University.

More simply, the Spin-off businesses are born with the involvement of one or more researchers and focus mainly on the entrepreneurial use of university research results.

The business idea must be based on original, innovative and possibly protected products, of real industrial applicability, with commercial potential. Researchers are required to become entrepreneurs in all respects and assume the full risk of the enterprise, in terms of organization and planning, accounting, financial and operational activities.

 At the University, as per the relevant set of Rules and Regulations, support is provided to the new company during the start-up phase, also offering premises to it. 

The Technology Transfer Office supports the creation of spin-off companies and innovative start-up activities by providing expert advice on business planning, training activities and pre-incubation and business incubation, in addition to support to fund-rising.




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